Garden Classics

Sofa Sets & Accessories

All pieces can be sold separately so that you can custom design your space to suit your own personal look.
Aluminum Frame, P.E. Wicker, Non-rainforest Teak arms.
All colour combinations possible on any item.
All dimensions in centimetres.

Furniture Sets Tetris Modular
2 x corners, 3 x 1-seaters, 1 x table with glass and cushion) corners W: 85 L: 85 H: 74.5
seaters W: 65 L: 85 H: 85
table: W: 66 L: 85 H: 34
Furniture Sets Victoria Sofa set 3
Single W: 86 L: 75 H: 75
Double W: 200 L: 75 H: 75
Tea table W: 129L: 70 H: 45
Furniture Sets Victoria Sofa set 2
Single: W:86 L:75 H:75
Double: W:146 L:75 H:75
Tea table:W:100 L:70 H:45
Furniture Sets Boston Sofa set
SingleW: 84 L: 71 H: 65
Double W: 146 L: 71 H: 65
Tea table: W: 106 L: 54 H: 40cm
Furniture Sets Apollo Sofa set
3+2+1+footstol+table+side table
Single: W:80 L:82 H:84
Double: W:80 L:136 H:84
Three seat: W:80 L:195 H:84
footstool: W:68 L:68 H:45
tea table: W:110 L:58 H:30
side table: W:67 L:50 H:30
Furniture Sets Lounge (3 x corners, 2 x 1-seaters,(middle sofa),1 x tableSingle: W:86 L:88 H:66
Corner: W:86 L:88 H:66
seaters: W:75 L:88 H:66
footstool: W:75 L:75 H:32
table: W:112 L:57 H:44
Furniture Sets Lattitude Sofa Set
Furniture Sets Toronto Sofa Set
Wicker one seat chair: W:78 L:76 H:82
Wicker love seat chair: W:76 L:130 H:82
Rectangel wicker tea table: W:120 L:55 H:50cm
Furniture Sets Modular Sofa Set (3 x corners, 3 x 1-seaters, 1 x table
corners: W:90 L:90 H:74
seaters: W:74 L:90 H:74
table: W:92 L:92 H:30
Furniture Sets Carolina Sofa set
Single: W:84 L:85 H:69.5
Three seat: W:206 L:85 H:69.5
Table: W:90 L:58 H:34
Furniture Sets
Furniture Sets Big Cushion Box
W: 160 cm
L: 80
H: 78
Furniture Sets Wicker Cushion Box
W: 130 cm
L: 61
H: 58
Furniture Sets Morocco Drinks Trolly
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